What is a jar cake, you ask?
It's a cake, in a sealed jar
and you can keep it in your cabinet-
next to your other "must-haves" like chicken soup...
when you need it,
pop the lid off and slide it out!
Drunken Butter Jar Cake -
butter cake with spiced rum

$8.00 per 16 oz jar
Drunken Chocolate Jar Cake
chocolate cake with coffee liquer

$8.00 per 16 oz. jar
Fuzzy Navel Jar Cake
orange cake with peach schnapps

$8.00 per 16 oz. jar
Margarita Jar Cake -
lemon-lime cake with tequila

$8.00 per 16 oz. jar
Strawberry Daiquiri Jar Cake -
strawberry cake with rum

$8.00 per 16 oz. jar
Red-Hat Mama Jar Cake
red velvet cake with Tennessee whiskey

$8.00 per 16 oz. jar
Banana Fudge Jar Cake
fudge cake with banana rum

$8.00 per 16 oz. jar
Pina Colada Jar Cake -
pineapple cake with coconut rum

$8.00 per 16 oz. jar