Classic Delectables Jams & Jellies
They started as a request.
Customers asked us if we made
pepper jellies-
a LOT of customers asked-
so now we do!

What should I do with them?
It's just jelly!
Use it on a sandwich,
on a bagel with cream cheese-
as a glaze for pork or chicken-
as a snazzy appetizer over brie!
Raspberry Jalapeno Jam -
sweet heat

$7 per 8 oz jar
Apricot Habanero Jam-
so yummy!

$7 per 8 oz. jar
Carrot Cake Jam-
carrots, apples and pineapple!

$7 per 8 oz. jar
Apple Pie Jam-
the name says it all!

$7 per 8 oz. jar
Berry Blast
4 berries plus jalapenos!

$7 per 8 oz. jar
Pineapple Jalapeno Jam-
great on ham or pork!

$7 per 8 oz. jar